Mission For Universal Health Care

The education and mobilization of the public, the stimulation of debate, and the encouragement of moving the states and country towards a more humane and equitable system which guarantees universal access to health care for all Americans. This shall be accomplished by support of grassroots organizing and empowering those communities most at-risk in the current system.

“Everybody In Nobody Out” is the website of Project EINO, which is an organizing effort committed to the support and advancement of state and local organizations working towards non-incremental universal health care. Project EINO also works to advance the discussion in states where no state UHC group presently operate, with the hope that new activist groups might arise.

EINO is critical of “market medicine” which developed during the growth of “managed care”. We do not believe that human health is a commodity and that health care is just one more market to be exploited. We believe there are a range of possible solutions to the present health care crisis in the United States and that these should be openly explored. Some of these may well have some defined role for private companies. There are principles for what can reasonably be considered a “genuine commitment to universal health care”.

The three essential elements of “real universal health care” for ”Everybody In Nobody Out” are:

Absolute universal health care without leaving any resident without access to regular appropriate medical attention, or to critical attention as need arises.

Non-incremental reform with a timetable and explicit goal of including everyone and all sorts of necessary care (mental health, long-term care, treatment for substance abuse, prescriptions, basic dental and eye care etc.) even if introduced stepwise over several years

A plan for stability and solvency

Please refer to our principles for universal health care for further discussion of the three essential principles guiding our operation.